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"I was born in a small town that the sea winds could never reach, and I lived on the snow-capped Tibetan Plateau. The first time I lay my eyes on the ocean it was like to pull back the curtain of my soul. The stunning curves of the coastline, the twinkling stars reflected on the dark water, a boat swaying with the breeze. It drives me from one dream to another. With great joy, I cannot stop myself from grabbing my paint brush and putting them to canvas. I want to share this joy with everyone who loves dreams".


From the dazzling California coastline to the peaceful canals of Venice, Cao Yong captures the timeless romance and beauty that surround us-- and which are, after all, our most precious human possessions.You can see the results in Cao Yong's classic "Gold Goast Series" and his stirring "Venice Series".

"When I first set foot in the city of Venice, I was totally stunned: before me was not just a city, but a living entity....each cell of the city seems to emanate a spirit, as though baptized by the rich history of nearly 1500 years. I only wish my experience of the soul and the spirit of Venice may also touch your mind and heart--through my canvas."


During his years in Tibet, Cao Yong immersed himself in the spare beauty of the remote and isolated land, and embraced the distinctive Tibetan culture. In order to copy the remains of ancient Tibetan wall paintings, Cao Yong, accompanied only by a horse, a dog, and a gun for hunting, lived alone in primitive mountain caves for nearly one full year. Cao Yong's legendary experience in Tibet enabled him to develop a deep understanding of the connection between the natural and the human, as well as between the secular and spiritual. This experience in Tibet resulted in a remarkable series of paintings, revealing the conflict between the physical and the spiritual realms, which are unfortunately, now part of a private collection and cannot be shown here.
It is his depth of understanding that breathes life into Cao Yong's exquisite images, and makes his work both powerful and, in the most classical sense, romantic. Imagine the stark beauty of Tibet compared to the soft warmth of his "Romantic Garden" scenes and you will begin to grasp the breadth of Cao Yong's talent.

We invite you to experience each of these Cao Yong exhibits:

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