James C. Christensen

A Christensen Character
Cleverly Disguised in a Doolittle Landscape

James C. Christensen's A Christensen Character Cleverly Disguised in a Doolittle Landscape


If you've ever wondered, "Have I truly discovered all there is to see in one of Bev Doolittle's camouflage art pieces?" It may be time to take a closer look.

Recently, James C. Christensen let on that there may be something more than initially meets the eye in one of Bev Doolittle's more popular pieces, Woodland Encounter. "Imagination," says Christensen, "is a rather powerful force. It is capable of taking something we thought we were quite familiar with and bringing to it a whole new perspective. That, of course, allows us to see things we didn't see before."

And Bev's reaction to Jim's tribute?

"Jim teased me for years, and I should have suspected that someday one of his a-little-left-of-reality characters would slyly take up residence in on of my camouflage paintings. We admire each other's work, share a love of what we do, and try to stay open to new ideas. That said, I still haven't been able to locate his character in the area of my painting he claims it resides"

Can you?

Published from the artist's original acrylic painting.
image size: 12"w x 12"h.
3,500 signed by the artist and consecutively numbered;

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