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PLEASE NOTE:  Many of the images shown in this exhibit are merely details from the original--to show a bit of the subject matter, and hopefully interest you in looking further. Click on the image or the title to see the full print.

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Visions: The Art Of Bev Doolittle

This is the 1st book that the Greenwich Workshop released in 1988 on the Art of Bev Doolittle, Visions  has been out of print since 1991. The issue price was $20.00, and now is sold on the secondary market for $100.00 or more, subject to availability. It is a soft bound book, and when first released, the Bev Doolittle fans were overwhelmed and ecstatic that they could finally buy a book with the complete index of prints that Bev Doolittle had created at that time.

The Art Of Bev Doolittle

This beautiful book is a definitive work, presenting all of the artist's published prints, plus earlier paintings, many seen here for the first time, and all splendidly reproduced in full color under the control of the Greenwich Workshop, publishers of her fine limited edition prints. Included also are sketches, color studies and photographs to enrich our understanding and the enjoyment of what the art world calls "the Doolittle phenomenon."

This is the second book in the series, and the biggest one too goes for $60.00 plus shipping and handling.       Call for availability of signed copies!

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Bev Doolittle New Magic

This Beautiful book is a spectacular overview of Bev Doolittle's New Magic, splendidly reproduced in full color with the care and beauty she puts into her own art. Buy this book and see why Bev Doolittle remains the best-selling artist in print, and a master of her own unique New Magic.

This is the third book in the series, this one goes for $30.00 plus shipping and handling
Limited supply call for availability.

Bev Doolittle New Magic The Collectors Edition

New Magic serves as a reflection of my career thus far, as well as presenting the foundation for what is to come. It's appropriate that the Native American concept of the Sacred Circle is so prevalent here, because it symbolizes my evolution as an artist and so perfectly exemplifies the act of artistic expression.

The Spirit Takes Flight, the Limited edition print that accompanies this special book has been created specifically to commemorate the publication of
New Magic. This is not only a book - I think of it as the second chronicle of my artistic journey.

Bev Doolittle   

Comes with printed Remarque ( below ).

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The Spirit Takes Flight print, the book, and printed remarque is available on the secondary market only. Call for quote.

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Bev Doolittle's The Forest has Eyes

The Forest Has Eyes: A book from Bev Doolittle, and author Elise Maclay. Parents and teachers have been using Bev’s books for years to help youngsters carefully examine an image for its hidden surprises. "The Forest Has Eyes" is an interactive words-and-pictures game that parents can play with their children.    Price: $16.95, plus shipping.

There is also a rare signed version of the book, which comes with a signed and numbered, classic Doolittle print, "No Respect". This signed book and print set is only available on the secondary market. Call for quote.

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See Porcelain Boxes by Bev Doolittle


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