Bev Doolittle

Drawing is a necessary building block to any good painting,
but often the artistic value of drawing itself is overlooked.
Now and then, I'll surprise myself and capture the essence,
the flow or gesture of the horse in a drawing.
Being able to express that emotion creatively through lithography
is truly art in one of its purest forms.

- Bev Doolittle

Bev has created several stone lithographs that are both beautiful and highly collectible. Each lithograph is numbered and signed by the artist.

In Stone Lithography the image is drawn directly onto a specially prepared flat stone (from which the process gets its name: "litho" from the Greek from "li`qos" meaning "stone".) A limited number of lithographs are made from the stone, and each is individually signed by the artist. The stone is then resurfaced, destroying the drawing. As the stone is merely a tool used to create the lithograph, each lithograph is considered to be an original.

These are very small issues, but even if the piece you want is "sold out at the publisher," we can often find it for you on the secondary market.


Gallery Josephs Fine Art has the largest selection of Bev Doolittle originals, limited edition prints and posters available. We can also satisfy all your framing needs. To place an order or to get more information call us today at (661) 733-0906,. Or send email to  (For fastest service, please include your phone number and street address in your e-mail message.)
Bev Doolittle
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