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Warriors in the Wind
by Allen Eckman

Click on any sculpture to see a larger picture. Each piece in this exciting series by Allen Eckman was created with the highest detail possible for the medium—museum quality cast paper sculpture. Every face, every figure, every one is different. From hair to fingernails, feathers to cradleboards, rifles, shields and lances, every one is painstakingly accomplished to ensure that all of the
Warriors in the Wind are one-of-a-kind originals.

These examples are to provide the collector with a sampling of reference material as a starting place for selection. You may decide you like the one in the upper right of the warrior aiming his arrow, or maybe you have another idea. It's up to you. You may want to choose a tribe from the region in which you live. Or you may want a portrait of a certain individual. If you want a life size figure, just ask. For an accurate portrait of any historical figure add 35% to the market price.

Frame format size 16" x 20" x 5" -- Call for Price
Life-size format 48" x 60" x 14" -- Call for Price

View a completed Allen Eckman life-size original currently available for sale

Make an Allen Eckman original part of you fine art collection!

To contact an art consultant concerning your personal
Warrior in the Wind call 1-(661) 733-0906. Or send email to galleryjosephs@gmail.com
(For fastest service, please include your phone# and street address in your e-mail message.)

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