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Original Paintings by Arnold Friberg

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About Arnold Friberg

My friend, the legendary artist, Arnold Friberg passed away recently at age 96. He truly lived an extraordinary life.

American painter Arnold Friberg is best known for his masterpiece "Prayer at Valley Forge" depicting George Washington praying beside his horse at Valley Forge, which was displayed at the White House, and which was recently valued at 12 Million dollars.

Arnold received an Academy Award nomination for his paintings of the 10 Commandments which were commissioned by Cecil B. DeMille. The Royal Family of England also commissioned his paintings,, for Buckingham Palace, and he was admitted as a lifetime member of the Royal Society of Artists.

I remember sitting in Arnold's living room, years ago and I was struck by the fact that he continued to work on paintings as we spoke, that would seem to be finished works, but Arnold put extra care into each painting, some being worked on for periods of many years.

Arnold said he considered himself a "storyteller" and he wanted to make sure that his stories communicated clearly to the viewer, which they certainly do.

Arnold's wonderful legacy lives on, a fact that I know he is proud of and even speaks about in the video below. In this video, Arnold himself discusses the inspiration, the research and the historical accuracy of his magnificent painting "Prayer at Valley Forge".

We are fortunate to have some of the original Limited Editions of this painting signed by Arnold, available to collectors, as well as some one of a kind original pieces. Give us a call if you have any questions about Arnold Friberg's artwork. We wish Arnold Godspeed and thank him for his contributions to making the world a better and more aesthetic place!

Click Here (and scroll down the page below the painting) to view Part II of the video of Arnold Friberg discussing his painting "Prayer at Valley Forge".

Arnold Friberg excelled in every branch of commercial art—sign painting, designing, lettering and layout, men's and women's fashion, advertising illustration, to name a few—before moving on to his paintings for galleries, collectors and museums.

          His choice of subject matter ranges from scenes from the Bible, to American football. He’s painted scenes from the American and Canadian West, portraits of members of the English Royal family, and much much more.

          As a result of his spiritual, royal and other historical paintings, Arnold Friberg was made a lifetime member of the ancient and honorable Royal society of Arts, London, which accounts for the R.S.A. after his name. While his paintings are realistic and historically correct it is Mr. Friberg's extraordinary ability to capture not only the drama of history, but also the vibrancy and inner strength of human characteristics that has earned him the respect and recognition as one of the great master painters of modern times.

          Each Limited Edition Signature Print is produced on rich 100% rag acid-free paper stock that accepts printing ink in its own way, resulting in the unique, rich and muted appearance that is characteristic of Limited Edition issues by Arnold Friberg. The artist was personally involved in every step of the specialized processes--from color separation to final press work--to capture the richness and feeling of his critically acclaimed masterpieces. Only the most accomplished craftspeople, using the most specialized techniques and finest materials were involved in the production of his paintings.

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