Judy Larson
The Horse Tipi

The Horse Tipi by Judy Larsen


Image size: 11"w x 11"h.  Edition Size:150
Published from the artist's original work.

There once lived a man who was very fond of his buckskin horse. One day the manís horse was badly wounded.The man daubed yellow paint on the horseís wounds and made a smudge of sweet grass, then sang sacred medicine songs and asked the horse to rise. Three times the horse attempted to stand but he could not. Finally, on the fourth try the horse found the strength to get up and his master slowly led him home. In gratitude to his faithful and loving master the buckskin horse gave the man a gift: a tipi decorated with the image of a horse. Not only was the tipi beautiful to behold but it held special powers and the man became famous ever after for his ability to heal the sick.

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