Oleg Zhivetin Roman Vineyard-original  

(NOTE: The paintings shown on this page are all Zhivetin original oils--click see a larger image.)
Oleg Zhivetin sketch

When Oleg Zhivetin came to America, he gave art lovers the opportunity to see people in a new way, "I show in my paintings what people cannot see in real life," explains Oleg. " I show individuality, dreams, and emotions, that every human being is different, and because of that they are beautiful."Sparkling Star--original

This talented artist was born March 18, 1964 in Uzbekistan, where at an early age he began painting landscapes and working with watercolors. Through education, lots of work, and the influence and guidance of his family and teachers he developed a high level of technical ability and evolved his distinctive style. He eventually earned a Master of Fine Arts degree from the Surikov Art Institute, the Soviet Union’s most prestigious art school.

Oleg’s  Style

Masked Messenger--originalRussian icon painting is a basic and profound point-of-reference in Oleg’s work. The viewer will find religious imagery—golden halos, Madonnas, angels, and saints. Other typical icons include hearts, musical instruments, books, celestial beings, and flowers—symbols of beauty, delicacy, and spiritual development.

One of the most beautiful aspects of Oleg’s painting is his skillful rendering of faces, hands and feet. His characters often communicate through the use of hand gestures rather than eye contact. Gestures are imbued with subtle meaning; a deep sense of shared experience is created through this control of body language.

His combination of geometric shapes and abstract patterns—often applied onto canvas in gold foil or gold leaf—is truly masterful. Hi characters’ faces evolve from flat, mask like images to fully realized visages exuding intelligence and emotion. Their facial contours are delicately and softly molded.

Harlequin Lovers--original Costume Lovers--original To stand before an Oleg masterpiece is an experience you will not soon forget; to own one is a source of pride and privilege.

Forget Me Not--original
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