Howard Terpning Artist Proofs
Exclusive Offering for Gallery Josephs Fine Art Customers
(All offers subject to prior sale.)

Through our business dealings with the Terpnings, we are very fortunate to have been given an opportunity to offer some of the artist proofs that the family has maintained in their collection at very special prices.

Artist's proofs were once slightly better in appearance than the limited edition, because the printing quality was slightly higher for the first few printed. With modern reproduction technologies, the quality remains constant, however some collectors still prefer AP's because of their rarity, and direct connection to the artist. We have the artist proofs of some fantastic sold-out pieces available. You can view a list of the pieces available below. Call us at 1 or (661) 733-0906 if you would like a quote on any of these, or to reserve one of these treasures for your collection.


Howard Terpning Artist Proofs-- Click on a title below to view the artwork or request a quote.


  1. Camp at Cougar's Den
  2. Catured From General Crook's Command
  3. Chased by the Devil
  4. Found on the Field of Battle
  5. Friendly Game at Rendesvous
  6. Grandfather Prays to the Sun
  7. The Long Trail Ahead
  8. Medicine Horse Mask
  9. Medicine Shields of the Blackfoot
  10. Nectar of the Gods
  11. Protectors of the Cheyenne People
  12. The Shaman and His Magic Feathers
  13. Sign Along the Trail
  14. Solitude
  15. Sunset For the Comanche
  16. Vanishing Pony Tracks
  17. White Water Passage

  1. Before the Little Big Horn
  2. Blackfeet Among the Aspen
  3. To Capture Enemy Horses
  4. Digging in at Sappa Creek
  5. Four Sacred Drummers
  6. The Last Buffalo
  7. Leader of Men
  8. Prairie Knights
  9. Pride of the Cheyenne
  10. Profile of Wisdom
  11. Signals in the Wind
  12. Spirit of the Rainmaker
  13. Trading Post at Chadron Creek
These artist proofs are from the Terpning collection. It is your rare opportunity to own these unique treasures!

Gallery Josephs Fine Art has an extensive selection of Howard Terpning limited edition prints, canvases and artist proofs available. We can also satisfy all your framing needs. To place an order or to get more information call us today at (661) 733-0906,. Or send email to  (For fastest service, please include your phone number in your e-mail message.)

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