The Shaman and his Magic Feathers
by Howard Terpning

The Shaman and his Magic Feathers

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Greenwich Workshop Fine Art MuseumEdition™ Giclée Canvas
60" w x 45" h. — Edition size: 85 s/n.

Greenwich Workshop Fine Art Masterwork™ Giclée Canvas
45" w x 34" h. — Edition size: 250 s/n.

To be called a medicine man or shaman meant that one had unexplainable powers. These outstanding powers were beyond comprehension, and Native people accepted these powers at their face value and as proof of a supernatural blessing.

It is generally believed that among North American Indians, shamans, medicine men, and doctors were the same, although each could have a different area of expertise. Sometimes a shaman would give public exhibitions to create wonder and amazement in his audience.

In this scene, a shaman has invited a small group of children and adults to witness his ability to perform a wondrous feat. They have walked away from camp to an isolated area and a small fire has been built. Sage and juniper are placed on the fire, and before the approaching storm is upon them. The shaman goes through his rituals, which ultimately cause the feathers to rise from the ground and hover in the air for as long as he wishes. They never float away. Awe and excitement are evident on the faces of all who witness this amazing event.

—Howard Terpning

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