H O W A R D   T E R P N I N G
Storyteller of the Native American People

From the Introduction to the book " The Art of Howard Terpning" (available from Gallery Josephs Fine Art):

"The Blackfeet Indians of today can go to the Katoyisiks, called in English the Sweet Grass Hills, in the east central part of their homeland, and see the sinaxin [the writing pictures] etched into the stone cliffs by their ancestors, the Far Off Spotted Robes, long years ago. The sinaxin remain vivid and clear in their renderings...season upon season. ...The wandering tribes of North America have left them as lasting recordings of their life on the great Mother Earth.

"...Today I look at Howard's work and sense the power of the sinaxin within each piece.... His is a special collection with the strength of the ancients' writing on the stone."—Darrell R. Kipp Apinokio Peta, (Morning Eagle), Blackfeet Reservation, Browning, Montana.

"The old Cheyennes could not write things down. They had to keep everything in their heads and tell it to their children so the history of the tribe would not be forgotten..."—John Stands in Timber, Cheyenne.

"The American Indian fascinates me," says Terpning. "Their culture and artifacts, their horses, the way they looked...there's always another story about them waiting to be told. And I feel privileged to be one of their storytellers."

With his brilliant control of color and instinctive ability to evoke strong emotion Terpning is perhaps the finest artist of Plains Indian history. Gallery Josephs Fine Art is pleased to present this sampling of the works of this great artist.

"When I look at these pictures I can feel the life coming out of them," remarks Michael Blake, author of Dances with Wolves. "Sometimes I too am in the picture and find myself holding my breath, wondering what will happen next."

We at Gallery Josephs Fine Art think you will feel the same way.

On the Edge of the World by Howard Terpning
On the Edge of the World

Grandfather Speaks
Grandfather Speaks

Status Symobols
Status Symbols

Soldier Hat graphic
Soldier Hat

Army Regulations
Army Regulations

More about Howard Terpning and his art can be found in section 2, section 3 and section 4 of this exhibit and in the article In Celebration of Western Art"

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