there ain't no safety bar on this ride....

Introducing the Xtreme photography of Marko Shapiro

Images Mark Shapiro

D r o p  Z o n e

Past the point of no return

Got your ticket?

Hop aboard Xtreme Moments™, the photography of Marko Shapiro.  Hailed as the godfather of extreme photography, this dude spends his workdays squeezing off eight shots per second, hanging from slippery rocks and snow covered mountains.  Feel the rush without the risk. 

Ready to ride?

911 can't help you here

The difference between a ride and a body bag is all in the skill.

There's no room for error in Shapiro's world.  At elevations like these, one false move means a call to your next of kin, and life on either end of the lens can be equally Xtreme.

I n t o  t h e V o i d

P o w e r  S u r g e

tales from the edge

Proceed at your own risk

We're talking on-the-edge, in-your-face, greetings-to-the-reaper, no-time-to-scream thrills. With Mother Nature calling the shots, technical difficulties and physical danger are all just part of the fun.  Enjoy the thrill of trajectory and the artistry of the feat.


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